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About us: Localization into CEE languages

The Central and Eastern European market is a key focus for global concerns and companies that target the globalization and internationalization of their products. Localization into other languages is a fundamental element in globalization strategy. It is crucial for any global company to have its products in the same language which the targeted audience speaks and, thus, to speak the same language as the customers. CEE countries and countries of the former Soviet Union represent one of the fastest developing segments of the world economy and it is simply essential for any company that desires to be global to have its products accurately localized into the languages spoken in this part of world.

PTB Eurotransl has been providing translation/localization services for the world's largest international companies for more than 15 years. Our list of references contains many world-leading participants of the global localization market.

We have a strong management team, excellent translation and engineering resources and internal processes set up in line with the strictest industry standards. We use the most innovative technologies and tools to ensure consistency and reduce translation costs for our clients.

Our extensive experience results in a profound understanding of our clients' needs. We have all available means to offer and provide a customized, cost-effective solution that will be exactly what our client needs for business development on the CEE market.

PTB always works in close cooperation with the client on terminology and style adjustment, in accordance with the client's preferences, asking questions if something is not clear and offering solutions to achieve the perfect localized product.


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