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Get High Quality Medical Translation Services at the Best Prices!

When it comes to medical translation, quality is one thing you cannot compromise on. After all, the information you are having translated could end up saving lives or providing treatment for thousands of people. This is why the margin for error is next to none. If you are seeking high quality medical translation services, look no further than the Petersburg Translation Bureau. Operating out of Russia, we provide topnotch medical translation in a range of European languages.

Benefit from our strict quality filters which ensure there is no slacking as far as the translation is concerned. Our team is made up of experienced translators, all of whom have been working in medicine for the past several years. The team has been developed specially for handling medical projects for six years. Furthermore, you get a dedicated project manager for each specific project you give to us.

The medical fields we specialize in translating for include:

  • bone reconstruction

  • microvascular surgery

  • real-time PCR

  • clinical studies

  • patient monitor

You can also obtain our services for other topics. We will take on the project if we have the ability to complete it for you. As far as the languages go, our focus is on CEE and CIS languages. The languages we provide medical translation services in include but aren’t limited to Polish, Russian, Kazakh and Ukrainian.

Our process of successful medical translation is divided into three steps:

  1. Translation – the actual process of translating the text

  2. Editing – a second translator edits the translated text, checking for grammatical and spelling errors

  3. Proofreading – the last checkpoint at which the draft to be sent to the clients is finalized, error-free and of a high quality.

Regardless of how tight your deadline is, we will complete the work without the quality being affected.

We are flexible as far as pricing is concerned. You can enjoy discounts up to 25% on our range of services. Order now and we will give you a 50% discount on the first 1,000 words.

The Petersburg Translation Bureau is equipped and staffed to tackle large medical translation projects. You can place an order for millions of words to be translated and we will deliver quickly and efficiently without the quality suffering. Try us and see for yourself!


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