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Evaluation of translation quality is always a challenge. Quality output of localization workflow should be evaluated on a regular basis; it forms part of the localization process. QA (Quality Assurance) is a procedure that secures a constantly high quality and the necessary steps for improvement at the earliest possible stage.

There are two instances when QA is performed: internal quality evaluation as part of the localization process and QA for an independent vendor company as a separate service, for evaluation of the quality of another localization company.

Obviously, there should be a standardized QA approach and a standard form of reporting. The QA process utilizes standard metrics for evaluation (number of mistakes per 1000 words). Text is checked for terminology, accuracy, stylistic and linguistic/grammar mistakes and adherence to standards, and the quantity of mistakes is placed into a special reporting form where all issues are sorted by type and severity, with comments added.

To evaluate the quality of the localization workflow, PTB uses a standard reporting form developed on the basis of standard LISA QA report with the same standard metrics. Localization workflow is QAed on a regular basis, enabling us to provide high-quality localization products.

We also render QA services for our clients when they wish to evaluate the translation quality of their own vendors.

QA is performed by the best and most experienced resources, and it gives a clear picture of all strong and weak aspects of the translation.


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