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Linguistic translation is a key element of the entire localization process. It's very important to organize translation process in a way that secures constantly high translation quality, according to the highest industry standards, on-time delivery and fast reaction to any client's comments or requests.

Company structure, workflow and processes in PTB make it possible.

First of all, client's needs should be assessed and proper decisions on the approach to the project, file allocation to appropriate resources and an effective way of communications should be made.

In PTB, each client works with a dedicated Lead Translator who serves as the final proofreader for the projects and the main communication point for the client's managers.

Linguists Lead Translator creates for each project a team of translators and manages all their activities. Translators communicate with the Lead regarding all questions connected with their work on the project. Terminology questions are discussed within the translation team and final decisions are made by the Lead. Translators communicate with the Lead and between each other through our Translation Management System that was developed by our company and forums in this system.

Our translation process consists of 3 stages - translation, editing and proofreading. We also often consult with specialists in the concerned fields, e.g. medical doctors, scientists etc.

When setting up a new project, we should be aware that our linguists understand the client's products and industry specifics of the concerned field. In many cases, clients already have their own Russian terminology and even styleguides. So at the first stage we perform trainings for linguists on the products in question, proper terminology and style etc. This way we avoid many mistakes connected with lack of knowledge.

Usually we are oriented on work with our clients on the long-term basis, i.e. we receive projects on similar products of the same client in the course of years and translation teams for such projects are well set up and developed. We organize trainings for translators on updates in client's products and on new products.

Proper terminology is one of the most important points in translation/localization. We create and maintain glossaries and styleguides working on them in close cooperation with the client.

Use of CAT tools allows to secure consistency throughout product lines and in the scale of all client's production. We work with all major CAT tools and organize trainings for translators regularly.

Another important thing in translation/localization process is constant contact with the client. We work in close cooperation with our clients, submitting queries and implementing client's comments and corrections at each whenever necessary. Post mortem meetings proved a useful tool for improvements, and we organize them after significant projects, internally or with the client's managers.

Deadlines On time delivery is the only possible way to survive on translation/localization market. We always organize our work so that we keep deadlines in all cases. At that, we are very flexible and can easily adjust to various clients' requirements.


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